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The Buddha said, as long as there exists the Noble Eight Fold Path and those who continue to 'walk' the Path, the world will not be void of saints.


A note of appreciation for making this Dhamma Dana possible

This costs of maintaining this website is supported by many generous meditators from all our classes (Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday) at Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields, KL. There are also Dhamma helpers who have taken much of their personal time to make our classes pleasant & smooth sailing, answering enquiries & all kinds of help that arises from time to time. We would like to thank Bro Jimmy Yap, Bro Eric Lim, Bro Leong, Bro Stephen Koh, also other volunteers in the past Bro TF Chan, Sis Mudita & all the Dhamma workers at the Buddhist Maha Vihara in the past and present including Bro Roger, Sister Bodhi, Sister Yanna & Sister Jothy and the maintenance helpers.


From the Devatasamyutta Sutta: A Giver of What

[A Deva:]
A giver of what, is a giver of strength?
A giver of what, is a giver of beauty?
A giver of what, is a giver of ease?
A giver of what, is a giver of vision?
A giver of what, is a giver of everything?
Being asked, please explain to me.

[The Buddha:]
A giver of food, is a giver of strength
A giver of clothes, is a giver or beauty
A giver of vehicle, is a giver of ease
A giver of lamp, is a giver of vision
And the giver of residence is the giver of everything.
But the one who gives the Dhamma
is the giver of the Deathless




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