James Ong


Bro James Ong

Bro James was born in 1946. He started teaching Satipatthana Meditation (Wisdom Meditation) and Meta Meditation (Loving Kindness Meditation) at a very young age at Malaysian Budhist Meditation Centre, Penang, Malaysia where his teacher Phra Dhammabarnchanvud was the founder. He was previously ordained as a monk.

For over 50 years, he has taught many Abdhidhamma and Dhamma classes in Hokkien and English. During this time, he also actively propogates the practice of Satipatthana (Wisdom) Meditation as taught by the Buddha in the Mahasatipatthana Sutta. In this regard, he has conducted countless Satipatthana Meditation Beginners-Course with the aim of sowing a seed in those who came to seek the Noble Eightfold Path. His Dhammaduta initiatives also includes having founded a few Buddhist societies. Today he is still active in the Dhammaduta and tirelessly putting his talks in writing making the exposition available to many more who seek the way.

His Beginner's Meditation Handbook and Meditation Handbook on Dhammanupassana can be downloaded from our pages: Books / Talks.


James Ong


Silena Shymin

Shymin, a student of Bro James Ong began Wisdom Meditation in 1993. She has been an assistant instructor in Bro James Ong's meditation classes from 2007 and is also actively involved in the writing and publication of his popular (Four Foundations of) Mindfulness Meditation Handbooks.


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